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Anonymous asked: Oh shit! You do look like a boston terrier lol it's okay we all look a bit like some animal

y’all are boring me

Anonymous asked: You look like a boston terrier in the worst kind of way

hahahah. well that’s a new one.

kwen-b asked: How are people even mean to you? You're the sweetest human. Idgi

I guess I’m just a huge piece of shit! hah

Anonymous asked: Listen to you! "Do not speak ill of my friends" like you're some brooding warrior of friendship or something. You are a fake. You're a drunken fake. You have bashed your friends behind their backs more times than I can count. Most of your friends are just as fake towards you but I really do pity them for putting up with you. Put down the cellphone for once, quit with the good tumblr-angle selfies, and grow a personality worth living with.

when I read this, I don’t even get angry with you. I just laugh to myself, because you are so far from the truth. it’s apparent that you barely know me, let alone my life. keep trying though, cause deep down, you’re just another person who thinks they have it all figured out, but lacks the courage to be open with something that they seem so sure of. I would take you slightly more serious on the matter if you didn’t hide behind anonymity. nice try though.